Techamber is the result of years of blogging consolidated into a new, shiny package.  Techamber is the successor to my first and long-time running self-interest blog – I’ll be the Judge of That.  Unlike its predecessor, Techamber will be a more focused undertaking, assimilating certain aspects such as gaming and technology and eliminating others all together in order to create a finely tuned site with a focal point on internet, gaming, software, computing and general geekdom.

As is the norm, the aim of Techamber is to report well-researched and informative articles in order to provide readers with an interesting and edifying resource alternative to the vast ocean of debris floating around the net.  As a prospective novelist, I enjoy writing so some of the posts will be extensive, and as a design professional, I will use my talent in order to create new, tailor-made content for this site (such as banners, infographics and so forth), an aspect that was decidedly lacking from its predecessor.

As always, constructive criticism is welcomed while belligerence will be expunged.  You may contact me using the contact form and feel free to leave a comment or two.  Business aside, I enjoy multi-platform gaming (PC, PlayStation & Roms) and technology in general, I am a long-time Windows user (and still favour it) as well as a Linux enthusiast and enjoy working with both platforms.

– Brad.


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